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Sales team support


Are you a supplier or a wholesaler?

Do you need promotion of your products?

Many large companies invest in the services of an in-house Chef alongside their Sales Department, which has resulted in great success. Reliefchefs offers this service to companies which do not have the budget for this particular recruitment, or who wish to promote certain products seasonally.

We are able to assist Suppliers and Wholesalers with the promotion of their products by presenting these to both the local and Greek market. Our team works alongside your sales team in order to fully understand their needs and the relevant products.The process helps increase their sales through our own experienced product promotions and demonstrations. 

When you’re passionate about an industry, we believe it’s easier to speak your language and get you where you need to go faster. Having worked with many specialty and gourmet brands over the years, we’ve come to better understand and empathize with your unique challenges, aspirations, and goals.

Suppliers need to gain an understanding and respect for their customers. Too many suppliers are simply order-takers. 

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