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Operation optimization

Operation optimization for F&B business

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Operations assessment

Reliefchefs often equates an operations assessment to “taking a look under the hood”. Examining each moving part of your Café/Restaurant in an effort to identify what’s working and what’s not. By performing an objective assessment, we can discover potential efficiencies, cost savings and management procedures.

Each operations assessment is customized to meet the needs of each unique foodservice concept’s situation. We always begin by thoroughly reviewing all operational materials, prior to visiting the physical restaurant space. Armed with an understanding of any outlined systems and processes, our representatives spend time onsite.From pre-opening to pre-closing, to experience all dayparts, in addition to pre-preparation, shift change e.t.c.

Out team will also compare any written standards to reality, noting variances, as well as in operational systems and processes.

If you’re up and running, but not as profitable as expected :

We offer a five-day Operations assessment that will pinpoint improvements to your business and ensure its ongoing success.

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