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For Clients

The Relief Chefs are all professional and experienced chefs who can easily adapt to the needs of any kitchen. Can fitt in with the existing kitchen team and offer assistance in their operations.

The Process

Of course, no two clients’ needs are the same.Therefore why our company follows a specific, tailored process for each client.This includes a visit to the premises by our company’s founder and other members of the higher management team.The prosedure will allow us to gain valuable information about our clients because when the need arises, our tem will be well-informed and able to assist.

Our Relief Chef services are usually paid on an hourly basis. Costs are estimated according to each client’s specific needs.Can average between €10 and €16 plus VAT. Payment is made once an agreement has been reached, and a confirmation email is sent to the client. 

Long term plans

We also offer longer-term plans for clients wishing to use the Relief Chef services on a contractual basis. 

Many large companies invest in the services of an in-house Chef alongside their Sales Department. Reliefchefs offers this service to companies which do not have the budget for this particular recruitment.However we assist also companies who wish to promote certain products seasonally.

Members of higher management are experienced in the promotion and presentation of products.Both in the Cypriot as well as the Greek market. Call us today to discuss because we know how we can help you achieve your goal.

Firstly we offer clients assistance in finding chefs to prepare meals for private parties.Wait staff to serve drinks and meals.

Secondly our company can also arrange the purchase of any supllies.

For Prospective Relief Chefs

Relief Chefs are required to have a minimum of five years’ experience as a sous chef or higher, from a 5 star hotel background or equivalent. Other qualifications include good understanding and knowledge of food preparation and food production.Efficient knife skills, knowledge of kitchen equipment and the relevant hygiene and HACCP standards.Ability to follow recipes and provide information about the nutritional values of all food groups.

On a personal level, we expect our Relief Chefs to have good preparation and presentation skills.Excellent personal hygiene and the ability to work independently, as part of a group, or even to lead, in all manner of high-intensity environments.To be able to represent the company in a professional manner in all their client interactions.

Relief Chefs can expect to earn between €7 and €20 per hour, depending on the type of work and experience level.

We also offer permanent contracts for chefs on a case by case basis.